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Real Select International built their reputation on providing quality suites with superior customer services. Specializing in renting the right home to the right guest and having the experience and team in place to help ensure complete satisfaction, sets Real Select International apart from their competition.

Both Property Owners and Renters love that the rental team uses a multi-channel approach to market properties. Listing suites on many of the popular industry portals allows the vacation rental team to reach more renters and keep units booked. Understanding the guests and providing customized services, has led to a customer experience that is of complete satisfaction. The dedication to the guest experience has driven customer retention and helps the Real Select International team continue to achieve the highest occupancy levels for property owners.

Real Select International’s Vacation Suite Portfolio mirrors that of the residential and commercial properties. Working with the highest regarded and most luxurious vacation suite locations allows Real Select International’s team to ensure the best experience for their guests. The elite vacationer will come back to Real Select International’s team to ensure the best experience for their guests. The elite vacationer will come back to Real Select International’s team because of the ability to match expectation with actual experience.

Being laser-focused on serving owners and renters with excellence and integrity is the foundation of the vacation rental team. The knowledgeable and experienced team delivers the best program on the island. It is no doubt that the excellence in service, alignment with elite properties, and ability to provide the ultimate luxury experience is why Real Select International is regarded as one of the best in the business.

Real Select Vacations - frank

Frank Clark (RA)

President, Real Select International

Stealthy, creative, and driven, Frank established Real Select International in 2010 and has quietly built a real estate empire benefiting investors and developers. Frank’s success comes from a wide network of valuable contacts and an inventive out-of-the-box approach.

“Frank Clark is one of the most successful real estate agents you’ve never heard of.” 

—Honolulu Magazine, 2018

Frank noticed a niche market in matching real estate developers with investors that would mutually benefit from working together to bring projects to life. With twenty years of real estate experience, Frank knew that forming Real Select International would best serve this niche concept. As the go-to-real estate matchmaker for both residential and commercial projects in Hawaii, Frank has developed a network that can bring any opportunity to fruition. Being fluent in Japanese and cognizant of the Japanese culture, Frank has built relationships with real estate investors in Japan that he matches with developers with real estate opportunities here in Hawaii.

Frank credits his success with this wide range of network relationships and his “out-of-the-box approach.” Most importantly, Frank believes that success is achieved through loyalty, commitment to quality, servicing our clients, and always willing to accept new challenges.

Real Select Vacations Team Members
Reservation – Phyllis Leung
Accounting – Yayoi Oki